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Paint Preparation

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Advanced Compound 500ml

Advanced Compound is a true one step compound that will bring life to the paintwork of a vehicle. It will eliminate swirls, holograms and sanding marks to leave a high gloss finish. Advanced Compound relies solely on the highly refined abrasive agents and is therefore wax & silicone free. It can be used with a DA polishing machine, rotary polishing machine or can be applied by hand with a ValetPRO Polish Applicator.

Purple Passion 500ml

We spent over a year developing and perfecting the formulation for Purple Passion. We have created an easy to use paint cleanser that effortlessly removes fine marring from the paint surface while leaving a highly glossy, silky finish.

Citrus Tar & Glue Remover

Citrus Tar and Glue Remover does exactly what the name describes; it was designed to shift sticky substances from hard and painted surfaces.

Dragon’s Breath


Dragon’s Breath is a specialist pH neutral wheel cleaner that reacts with the iron contamination within brake dust to produce a brilliant red bleed from an otherwise colourless gel; showing you that it’s working.

Snow Foam Combo2


Snow Foam Combo 2 is one of our high foaming pre washes; it produces a thick, clingy  film which extends contact time with the surface of the car whilst it works at penetrating grime.

Clay Rider

Clay Rider is a clay lubricant that provides the necessary glide to allow a clay bar to gently lift contamination off any painted surface whilst significantly reducing the risk of marring during use.

Contamination Removal Bar

Our 100g Contamination Removal Bars are available in three different grades. Contamination Removal Bars, also known as clay bars remove bonded contamination from paint surfaces that can’t be removed by normal washing.

White Polish Applicator

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This polish and paint cleanser applicator is made with a stiffer foam with tight cells offering a smooth surface for applying polishes, the stiffness helps push the polish across the surface enabling the polish to do its job without marring. Perfect for use with Purple Passion.

Polishing Pads (Dual Action)

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Our range of Dual Action polishing pads easily cover all polishing paintwork correction jobs, from our Light-Medium Polishing Pad , Medium-Heavy Polishing Pad and then the Maximum Cut Polishing Pad. We suggest using our DA pads in conjunction with our polishing compound product Advanced Compound.

Multi-Purpose Micro Fibre Cloth (6 Pack)

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These are great multi purpose microfibre cloths. They have been produced to a high quality and are a must have item for any person requiring a multi purpose microfibre cloth for their car care tasks.

Advanced Micro Fibre Edgeless Cloth (5 pack)

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These cloths are ideal for use in the protection stages of car care techniques. They are soft, absorbent and they can be used on delicate surfaces.

ValetPRO 1L Bottle & Chemical Resistant Trigger

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This is a perfect tool for any detailer who plans on diluting products; it allows you to label the bottle with the ratio you’ve used and it comes with a long-lasting, chemical resistant trigger