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Microfibre Glass Cloth (3 pack)

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There’s no pile on our Microfibre Glass Cloth, giving it similar characteristics to a demi-weave; these  features ensure the cloth doesn’t collect lint and, therefore, provides a better clean on glass. 40cm x 48cm, pack of 3.


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These are excellent towels for drying large areas of your car after a wash. (50cm x 80cm)


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Our green Drying Towel is an excellent choice for making quick work of drying your vehicle due to its super absorbent capabilities and plushness. 50cm x 80cm.

Multi-Purpose Micro Fibre Cloth (6 Pack)

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These are great multi purpose microfibre cloths. They have been produced to a high quality and are a must have item for any person requiring a multi purpose microfibre cloth for their car care tasks.

Advanced Micro Fibre Edgeless Cloth (5 pack)

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These cloths are ideal for use in the protection stages of car care techniques. They are soft, absorbent and they can be used on delicate surfaces.

Microfibre Reviver

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Microfibre Reviver has been designed to handle the dirt and grime of any car preparation, decontamination or detailing work to leave any microfibre cloth or towel ready for repeated use.