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Leather Cleaning Brush

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This is a lovely brush; these soft nylon bristles are fine enough to agitate leather grain whilst soft enough not to scratch the surface – this excellent balance works perfectly with our Leather Soap.

Large Wooden Handle Sash Brush (Chemical Resistant)

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Our Large Wooden Handled, Chemical Resistant Sash Brush is ideal for exterior and interior detailing.

Small Wooden Handle Dash Brush (Chemical Resistant)

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Our Small Wooden Handled, Chemical Resistant Dash Brush is ideal for interior detailing and getting to those hard to reach crevices.

Dash Brush Small

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Soft boars hair bristles gently dust out air vents, around buttons and door handles and other hard to clean areas. Soft fine bristles help agitate grime out of tight gaps where cloths can’t reach.

Large Sash Brush

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This is a soft boars-hair bristle brush that is commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges. It also gets used around engine bays, too. The soft bristles ensure gentle agitation on delicate surfaces.

Ultra Soft Chemical Resistant Brush Small

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This brush hosts man-made, chemical resistant bristles and it a upgrade from our original Dash Brush. Ultra  fine bristles and improved length makes this brush a great product for dusting vents and crevices where cloths  find it difficult to clean.

Ultra Soft Chemical Resistant Brush Large

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These man-made bristles are chemical resistant and ultra fine and soft. These make a good upgrade from our original Large Sash Brush.

Chemical Resistant Brush (Black Handle)

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Just like our wooden handle version this has highly durable bristles. These are great for gently agitating wheels with strong chemicals.

Chemical Resistant Brush (Wooden Handle)

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This was our first chemical resistant brush which has been made to a great quality. A smooth finished wooden handle of a good size that feels comfortable in your hand. The bristles are long lasting and retain their shape well. This is a great brush we have been selling for many years now.

Convertible Roof & Interior Brush

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Our Convertible Roof & Interior Brush is specially designed for cleaning fabric convertible roofs and to provide heavier agitation on interior fabrics. The strong bristles are durable and effective at removing algae and other dirt that you may find has built up over the winter months.

Foam Detailing Brush

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These are amazingly useful brushes, great for applying cleaners to air vents and applying dressing to plastic trim accurately.

ValetPRO 1L Bottle & Chemical Resistant Trigger

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This is a perfect tool for any detailer who plans on diluting products; it allows you to label the bottle with the ratio you’ve used and it comes with a long-lasting, chemical resistant trigger

Upholstery Brush

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This brush is a more practical addition to your upholstery arsenal. Most upholstery brushes are difficult or impossible to use around pedals and between seats and doors. This thin design and the unique long bristles agitate these hard to reach areas perfectly. The bristles are hard wearing and the length and thickness are also perfect for agitating seats and carpets. (For head lining we recommend using our leather brush as this is much softer for this delicate surface).