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Caravan Wash and Shine 500ml

Formulated using waterless cleaning technology there’s no need to reel out the hose in order to clean and protect your caravan when using this product.

Glass Cleaner


Glass Cleaner is a spectacularly simple but effective product designed to clean everything from bird muck to cigarette smoke stains and bug splats.

Advanced Interior Cleaner

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Advanced Interior Cleaner is a fast working formulation that handles the worst stains that find themselves in your vehicle’s interior.

Classic All Purpose Cleaner


Classic All Purpose Cleaner is exactly what the name implies. It was designed for interior use on almost any surface and it works by emulsifying grime and making it easy to remove from plastic grain, carpet  fibres, smooth surfaces.

Classic Protectant


Classic Protectant is our emulsified blend of silicones that adds gloss and not only protects, but revives faded plastics.

Leather Soap


Leather Soap is our gel formula designed to lubricate the dirt and grime found between leather grains, making it easier to remove with a little agitation.

Leather Protector 500ml


Leather Protector is a leather sealant designed to repel water and dirt, effectively protecting the leather and making future cleaning jobs easier.

Microfibre Glass Cloth (3 pack)

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There’s no pile on our Microfibre Glass Cloth, giving it similar characteristics to a demi-weave; these  features ensure the cloth doesn’t collect lint and, therefore, provides a better clean on glass. 40cm x 48cm, pack of 3.

Leather Cleaning Brush

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This is a lovely brush; these soft nylon bristles are fine enough to agitate leather grain whilst soft enough not to scratch the surface – this excellent balance works perfectly with our Leather Soap.

Luxury Caravan Wash 1L


If you’re looking for a high quality product that’s easy to use and provides impressive cleaning power then our Luxury Caravan Wash won’t disappoint.

Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Our Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt has been designed to be ultra absorbent and with soft synthetic fibres it will assist in thoroughly cleaning surfaces with ease.

White Polish Applicator

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This polish and paint cleanser applicator is made with a stiffer foam with tight cells offering a smooth surface for applying polishes, the stiffness helps push the polish across the surface enabling the polish to do its job without marring. Perfect for use with Purple Passion.

Black Wax Applicator

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Quality soft foam with dense tight cells enable this applicator to apply thin layers of wax or dressing product. It sits in your hand nicely and absorbs product, enabling you to spread it evenly.

Polishing Pads (Dual Action)

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Our range of Dual Action polishing pads easily cover all polishing paintwork correction jobs, from our Light-Medium Polishing Pad , Medium-Heavy Polishing Pad and then the Maximum Cut Polishing Pad. We suggest using our DA pads in conjunction with our polishing compound product Advanced Compound.