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Classic Quick Detailer


Classic Quick Detailer, your go-to solution for effortlessly maintaining your vehicle’s pristine paintwork.

24 Plus – Ceramic Coating

24Plus Ceramic Coating has been developed for its ease of use without compromising durability.

Snow Seal – Si02 Protection

ValetPRO Snow Seal is a specially formulated coating to be used with a foam lance and pressure washer. Snow Seal awards your vehicle with a durable hydrophobic coating that leads to remarkable water beading. It will also leave an impressive glossy finish.

Beading Marvellous 250ml

Beading Marvellous is our hard Carnauba wax that’s amazingly easy to apply and buff off. It adds a micro protective film made from Carnauba and fortified polymer waxes and will leave an impressive finish for 3+ months.

Mad Wax 250ml

Mad Wax is a Montan based paste wax. Montan Wax is an alternative wax to Carnauba as it has many of the properties Carnauba wax does.

Indulgence Cream Wax 500ml

Indulgence Cream Wax is a liquid wax designed to make the protection step of any car detail easy.

Citrus Bling

Citrus Bling’s mixture of Carnauba wax and silicone emulsion not only enhances gloss on wheels and paint but also offers protection simply by spraying and wiping.

Matte Protect 500ml

Matte Protect is a specialist matte wax emulsion specifically designed to protect and seal matte paint.

Drop Top Protector 500ml

Drop Top Protector provides a protective film to convertible hood’s that will repel dirt or grime.

Black to the Future 250ml


Black To The Future is a trim and tyre dressing in the form of a thick gel. It uses fortified polymers to restore and protect tyres and plastic trim for months at a time, regardless of weather.

Black Wax Applicator

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Quality soft foam with dense tight cells enable this applicator to apply thin layers of wax or dressing product. It sits in your hand nicely and absorbs product, enabling you to spread it evenly.

Foam Detailing Brush

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These are amazingly useful brushes, great for applying cleaners to air vents and applying dressing to plastic trim accurately.

Multi-Purpose Micro Fibre Cloth (6 Pack)

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These are great multi purpose microfibre cloths. They have been produced to a high quality and are a must have item for any person requiring a multi purpose microfibre cloth for their car care tasks.

Advanced Micro Fibre Edgeless Cloth (5 pack)

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These cloths are ideal for use in the protection stages of car care techniques. They are soft, absorbent and they can be used on delicate surfaces.