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The Two Bucket Wash Method Explained

The Two Bucket Method is a safe way of hand washing your vehicle. By following these guidelines, you will significantly reduce the probability of contaminating your wash mitt during your typical cleaning process.

Lotus Elise 111S Show Preparation

With the 2020 Autosport International rapidly approaching, it was time for our in-house detailer, Elliott, to get our Managing Director’s Lotus Elise 111S ready for its stance at the show.

New Release: Advanced Compound

It’s been a long time in development as we wanted to ensure we got it just right but we are pleased to announce that our paint correction product ‘Advanced Compound’ is finally here.

VW Transporter 5, Colour Enhancement Detail

We recently spent a few days giving some TLC to this VW Transporter.

Purple Passion

This is a product that anyone can use to achieve amazing results with minimal effort.

We finally made it!

As you may have heard, we’ve been planning to move to a new warehouse for quite a while now. It’s been an ongoing uphill battle with delays and a few hiccups but we’ve finally made it! Today is our last day in Hailsham and we’ll be re-opening on Monday 9th April in Newhaven.