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New Release: Advanced Compound

It’s been a long time in development as we wanted to ensure we got it just right but we are pleased to announce that our paint correction product ‘Advanced Compound’ is finally here.

Advanced Compound is a paint correction compound that will eliminate swirls, holograms and sanding marks to leave a high gloss finish. After correcting your painted surface with Advanced Compound it will be ready for your chosen protection layer to be applied.

Advanced Compound relies solely on highly refined abrasive agents and is therefore wax & silicone free. Advanced Compound can be used with a DA polishing machine, rotary polishing machine or can be applied by hand with a ValetPRO Polish Applicator.

To compliment the effectiveness of Advanced Compound we have also introduced 3 brand new dual action polishing pads to make your paint correction tasks even easier.

Our new pads are rated as follows:

Yellow Pad Light-Medium

Orange Pad Medium-Heavy

Microfibre Pad Maximum Cut

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