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VW Transporter 5, Colour Enhancement Detail

We recently spent a few days giving some TLC to this VW Transporter.

Recently we had this VW T5 in for a colour enhancement detail. It had new paint work on the lower half  and the original paint had oxidised on the top half of the van. It was in desperate need of some of some TLC to revive the dull paint work.

Our in-house detailer spent the next few days polishing and enhancing the dull paintwork using a range of our new pads (Maximum Cut Polishing Pad, Medium-Heavy Polishing Pad and Light-Medium polishing Pad) and Advanced Compound, our newly released medium polish.

After the polishing stages were complete the paintwork was then sealed using our carnauba based hard wax, Beading Marvellous, giving the freshly detailed paint up to 4 months of protection.

As the bodywork was looking so flawless we couldn’t leave out the untreated bumpers so they were dressed with our Black To The Future trim and tyre dressing.

Lastly for the finishing touches, the glass was cleaned and tyres dressed.

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