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Ben Martindale Joins The ValetPRO Team

Introducing Ben Martindale, the latest addition to the ValetPRO team! Coming from a dynamic sales background, Ben brings a fresh perspective to our business. With prior experience running his own detailing business, Ben’s wealth of knowledge and support will prove invaluable to our customers. In his role as a Field Sales Representative, Ben will be […]

Tipha Net’Auto at 2017 Unroll Event

Photos supplied by ValetPRO retailer Tipha Net’Auto from the 2017 Unroll event in Aurillac, France.

Tipha Net’Auto – Quillan 2017 Car Meeting

Pictures provided by ValetPRO retailer, Tipha Net Auto who attended the Quillan 2017 Car Meeting in the South of France.

Roll Up & Shine Interview

“Family run business born of our own obsession with cleaning the car, we bring you an ever expanding range of the worlds finest car care & detailing products.”

Perfectly Cleaned Interview

“Perfectly Cleaned are a leading supplier of Specialist Car Care and Detailing Products. Established in 2008 we operate both online and from retail premises.”