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Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath
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Dragon's Breath is a specialist pH neutral wheel cleaner that reacts with the iron contamination within brake dust to produce a brilliant red bleed from an otherwise colourless gel, showing you that it’s working

More importantly, this chemical reaction also turns iron into a water soluble solution which makes it easy to rinse away baked on brake dust. For the most part, Dragon’s Breath  will easily clean general road grime away without a need for agitation, however the stubborn baked on brake dust may still require some agitation for the best results - we have put together a step-by-step guide to achieve this.

Step 1 - Rinse

Rinse the wheels with clean water to remove any loose dirt and brake dust.


Step 2  - Application

Ensure the wheels and brakes are cool to the touch. Spray Dragon’s Breath  onto the wheel covering the outer spokes and inner barrel, then allow it to dwell but not dry out. We recommend applying this in a shaded area where possible.


Step 3 - Dwell & Rinse

The wheels will begin to ‘bleed’ as the chemical reacts with the iron contamination. After a few minutes, rinse the wheel once more to remove the Dragon’s Breath  and any loose grime.


Step 4 - Agitation

Re-apply Dragon’s Breath  and agitate with a Large Sash Brush  for the front of the rim, a Twisted Long Reach Wheel Brush  to get behind and in between the spokes, then if necessary a Long Reach Wheel Brush  for the back of the barrel. 


Top Tip: Dragon’s Breath  also acts as a good tyre cleaner. To prepare the tyre’s for a layer of Tyre Shine , we recommend applying some Dragon’s Breath  to the outer wall and scrubbing with a brush like our Large Sash Brush  or Convertible Hood Brush .


Step 5 - Rinse

Thoroughly rinse the wheel and tyre until all the wheel cleaner is removed.


Step 6 - Drying

Dry the wheel with our Grey Drying Towel . For maximum absorption later when applying a tyre shine , we would also recommend dabbing the outer wall of the tyre.


Step 7 - Tyre Shine

Pour one of our Tyre Shine’s*  onto our Applicator Pad , then evenly apply to each tyre. For a high-shine finish you can re-apply the product once the first layer has set, alternatively buff for a matte finish.


*Our Tyre Shine’s include:


Dragon’s Breath  doesn’t just start and stop at the wheels. Next, use it as part of your chemical decontamination process! It is safe on all painted & metal surfaces.


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