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ValetPRO Interview

We decided to interview all of our resellers for their opinions on our products and detailing, starting with the owner of ValetPRO.

Our aim at ValetPRO is to make great detailing products customers want, thus creating customer loyalty and repeat business for our retailers. Our retailers are very important to us; ValetPRO is one of the few companies that doesn’t sell our own products directly to the public, so our success relies on the success of our retailers. Which is why we’ve decided to regularly feature our retailers in this category of our blog. 

We plan to frequently post a short piece about our chosen resellers, post some photos of their business and conduct a short interview with them. However to start with, we thought we’d test run the idea on ourselves…

ValetPRO is strong and growing UK brand based in the south of England. We are specialists in pH Neutral formulas and have developed safe and efficient cleaning products for a range of surfaces including: chrome, polished aluminium and magnesium. We’re dedicated to making effective products that are also easy to use.

We conducted a brief interview with Greg, the owner and managing director of ValetPRO:

1) What is the first car you ever owned?

Answer: A MG Midget

2) What is your favourite car that you’ve owned? Why?

Answer: My Audi TT because it’s red and holds the road well. There’s just enough acceleration for the road. 

3) What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned? Why?

Answer: I had a Volkswagon Combi Van. It cost me a fortune to keep on the road and it was always breaking down. 

4) What’s your dream car?

Answer: A Lotus Evora 410.

5) If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?

Answer: Probably David Attenborough because he’s awesome. I think he’s an English gentleman and he probably has the best stories to tell. 

6) How often do you clean your car?

Answer: Can I lie? 

7) What is your favourite ValetPRO product?

Answer: I think it’s Purple Passion because it’s a great product and the one I’m most proud of.

And then we asked him some business orientated questions:

1) Do you sponsor any race teams or events?

Answer: Yes, we sponsor Lotus Cup Europe and AUTOSPORT PERFORMANCE.

2) What is your best selling ValetPRO product?

Answer: It’s got to be pH Neutral Snow Foam.

3) What are your business aspirations?

Answer: To help develop independent business across the world market.

4) Do you have a business idol?

Answer: I admire Colin Chapman because of the engineering ramifications he’s done. Also, Steve Jobs because he was the best marketing person on the planet and I don’t think anyone will ever top what he’s achieved. 

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