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Show Car Maintenance

Show season is well underway and thankfully with the lifting of COVID restrictions, many of us are able to enjoy it like we used to. But, how do you easily maintain your car whilst it’s sitting pretty at a show?

Finding that balance between socialising, browsing and keeping on top of your own car can be difficult. It’s safe to say we’d all rather minimise the latter which is exactly why Quick Detailers exist, a type of product that does not require set-up or pack-down!

When choosing the right Quick Detailer there are several factors you should consider. What’s your paint finish? Is it Glossy, Satin? Do you have any wrap? Is the surface contaminated with things such as bug splats? The answer to these questions will determine the product you need.

At ValetPRO, we have 2 products that we would classify as a ‘Quick Detailer’: Citrus Bling & Matte Protect.

  • Citrus Bling is a gloss enhancing product that contains a mixture of carnauba wax and silicone emulsion – perfect for painted, gloss finishes.
  • Matte Protect is designed to refresh, seal & protect satin paint and vinyl wraps. It uses a specialist matte wax emulsion, ensuring the surface remains the way it was intended to be.

Whether you have light grime that simply needs removing or a surface that could do with some extra clarity, these products will make your task a breeze with its simple spray-on and wipe-off nature. What’s more, with the 500ml variants you’ll see that they are small enough to fit in your glovebox or door pockets, meaning there’s no excuse to ever be without!

Whilst our Quick Detailer range may cover the exterior of your vehicle nicely, additional products such as our Glass Cleaner and Enzyme Odour Eater will compliment your interior for those peering eyes; from giving the best visibility to eliminating that stench!

…So, you should be set! Spend more time in the moment at that show you’ve been waiting for.

Please note this is not a replacement to a watered wash; Quick Detailers are designed to be used on light grime to avoid marring and scratching. If you are attending a show, our advice would be to thoroughly clean the vehicle before departure, leaving the work at the destination minimal.

We fuel your car care passion and offer you the ability to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, so you feel pride in the results that you can effortlessly achieve. ValetPRO is a trusted brand of choice for trade, retailers, professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide. Discover more at

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