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Shampoo & Cleaners

Chemical Resistant Brush (Wooden Handle)

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This was our first chemical resistant brush which has been made to a great quality. A smooth finished wooden handle of a good size that feels comfortable in your hand. The bristles are long lasting and retain their shape well. This is a great brush we have been selling for many years now.


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These are excellent towels for drying large areas of your car after a wash. (50cm x 80cm)


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Our green Drying Towel is an excellent choice for making quick work of drying your vehicle due to its super absorbent capabilities and plushness. 50cm x 80cm.

Foam Detailing Brush

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These are amazingly useful brushes, great for applying cleaners to air vents and applying dressing to plastic trim accurately.

ValetPRO 1L Bottle & Chemical Resistant Trigger

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This is a perfect tool for any detailer who plans on diluting products; it allows you to label the bottle with the ratio you’ve used and it comes with a long-lasting, chemical resistant trigger

5L Dispenser (38mm Neck)

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Our 5L Trigger can pump 30ml of liquid per full pump which makes it great for reducing waste when you’re transferring products from 5L bottles to our trigger bottle.

Microfibre Reviver

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Microfibre Reviver has been designed to handle the dirt and grime of any car preparation, decontamination or detailing work to leave any microfibre cloth or towel ready for repeated use.