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Prepare & Maintain Your Camper Quickly & Effectively!

What’s the largest vehicle you’ve ever found yourself cleaning? If you’re a Caravan Owner, that’s an easy answer – it’s a dreaded task! That’s why we formulated two specific products to help you quickly & effectively manoeuvre your motorhome’s surface, meaning you can spend more time living your best life.

Luxury Caravan Wash

The shampoo of the range. If you’re looking for a product that will effortlessly break down the surface grime whilst leaving luxurious suds, this product will not disappoint. Being pH Neutral, you can have confidence in knowing your plastics, gel coats, fibreglass and paintwork are all protected. Using it is simple: dilute 60ml of product to 10L of water, then from the top to the bottom, using our Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt in straight lines cleaning the surface. Once complete, thoroughly rinse your caravan / motorhome to reveal the now gleaming surface.

Caravan Wash & Shine

A jack of all trades! Whether you’ve just washed your Caravan and you wish to use it as a drying aid, or there’s a light layer of dust or film you quickly want to wipe away, Caravan Wash & Shine can do it. Contained within the formulation is carnauba wax, aimed to leave your surface with a quality shine, further aiding repellency to the elements of the world. Like our Luxury Caravan Wash, using it is simple: just spray and wipe!

Stand out from the rest & get ready for the camping season ahead! Discover more at

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