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Our Snow Foam Range… EXPLAINED

How many Snow Foams is too many? We haven’t found that limit yet! There are 4 in our range, each with their own place and formulated specifically for a task. Let’s break it down…

We recently made a short video quickly explaining the main differences between these Snow Foams – if you’d like to check that our instead, head here:

Starting with pH Neutral Snow Foam : the first pH Snow Foam to our range, but importantly the first to reach the markets of the UK. Over the legacy of this product it has become renowned for simply doing the job at an affordable price. It offers a thick, clingy foam film that will dwell for a long time, painting a picture perfect Snow Foam. Even if you haven’t explored ValetPRO in general, chances are this Snow Foam has been on your radar in recent years. We have undertaken various formulation changes to optimise and modernise this foam throughout industry changes, but ultimately the routes have always stayed the same.

Then comes Advanced Neutral Snow Foam – a foam that cleans like an alkaline but is also pH Neutral, making it an excellent choice for traffic film removal and bug splats. Being highly concentrated, you will find yourself needing to use less product in your foam lance making it great value for money. Because of the nature of this product, it’s naturally less foamy than the likes of pH Neutral & Foamula 1 , but ironically more foam isn’t always power!

Foamula 1 was introduced in recent years to become the hybrid between pH Neutral Snow Foam & Advanced Neutral Snow Foam… Like Advanced Neutral, it has alkaline-like cleaning power but with the foamy appearance from the likes of pH Neutral Snow Foam that enthusiasts love! This formulation embraces modern science and has quickly become one of our best sellers because it offers most of what you could want in a snow foam.

The only alkaline Snow Foam in our range, Snow Foam Combo 2. This product is perfect for decontamination work prior to polishing & protecting; it will break down all kinds of surface contaminants such as tar, fallout, tree sap & so on, but in addition it will strip waxes & sealants (not ideal for maintenance washing)! If you require something with that extra bite to reset your car, Snow Foam Combo 2 is for you.

Interested in one of these Snow Foams? Discover the range here.

We fuel your car care passion and offer you the ability to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, so you feel pride in the results that you can effortlessly achieve. ValetPRO is a trusted brand of choice for trade, retailers, professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide. Discover more at

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