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Microfibre Reviver: Bringing Life Back To Your Cloths

Microfibre Reviver is a detergent cleaner that has been uniquely designed to suit the requirements of your microfibre cloths. It will consistently revive your microfibre cloths, towels and wash mitts to like-new condition time and time again.

Microfibre cloths are an essential tool to any car valeter for good reason. Their superior absorption, faster drying time and superior surface contact allow for a much more efficient and superior clean to standard cloths. This is due to the many tiny fibre threads that make up the cloth, but these threads also run a risk of being easily damaged or blocked with general grime if not correctly cleaned. This is where Microfibre Reviver comes in. 

Using specialised ingredients, Microfibre Reviver can handle the diverse range of contaminants that find their way onto your cloths and towels during any stage of cleaning or valeting your car. This includes grease, wax, dirt and general road grime you find on your vehicle’s paintwork, tyres, windows and interior. It is important to remove contaminates from a microfibre cloth before it is reused to ensure that future cleaning or buffing does not lead to any scratching. One key benefit of Microfibre Reviver is it will not leave any residual product on the threads of the cloth that can hinder the absorption and cleaning performance of the cloths that other detergents may cause. Water softeners have also been selected to ensure that minerals such as calcium found especially in areas with hard water cannot interfere and contaminate the microfibre threads during the wash. 

A specialised product such as Microfibre Reviver is crucial as standard laundry detergents will contain ingredients that can drastically reduce a microfibre cloth’s lifespan and performance. Standard detergents often contain much harsher chemicals such as bleach and caustic soda that can permanently damage the delicate threads of a microfibre cloth rendering their benefits useless. Another common ingredient found is fabric softeners that can bind to the threads beyond the rinse stage and lead to a drastic drop in the absorbency of the microfibre cloth. 

We provide instructions for use of Microfibre Reviver with a washing machine. It is important to make sure that a wash temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius is used as any greater will lead to permanent damage to the microfibre threads. Similarly ensuring the cloths are afterwards air dried. Do not tumble dry microfibre cloths as the high temperatures will again lead to damage of the threads. 

We have rigorously tested this product with our entire range of microfibre cloths, towels and wash mitts and are extremely happy with the results. We know our customers are going to be very pleased with the results of Microfibre Reviver too.

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