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New Cloths

We’re releasing some new cloths!

Drying Towel (Grey):

These are very absorbent towels which can be used to dry large areas quickly and they won’t scratch your paintwork. Larger and thicker drying towels are often too difficult to wring out once water logged. Our drying towels have been designed specifically with this problem in mind and have been created to enable easy wringing and quick reuse of the towel, making it an essential item for any car care enthusiast.

Multi Purpose Microfibre Cloths:

These are great multi purpose microfibre cloths. They have been produced to a high quality and are a must have item for any person requiring a multi purpose microfibre cloth for they car care tasks.

Advanced Microfibre Cloth:

These edgeless and high quality advanced microfibre cloths are perfect for buffing up waxes and sealants. They are ideal for use in the protection stages of car care techniques. They are soft, absorbent and they can be used on delicate surfaces. They are a fantastic addition to the car care perfectionists detailing kit.

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