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Mad Wax

Whilst Beading Marvellous is a traditional hard Carnauba wax, we took a slightly different take on our Mad Wax.

Anyone who’s passionate about car detailing could tell you how important it is to protect your vehicle with layers of wax; by doing so you’ll add a protective layer to preserve the hard work you accomplished in the previous stages of washing but you’ll also make later stages easier on yourself by minimising the amount of grime that will attach itself to your paintwork. That’s why choosing a wax is essential. Besides, who doesn’t love the beading results this produces? 

Here at ValetPRO we currently manufacture two waxes, Beading Marvellous and Mad Wax. Whilst Beading Marvellous is a traditional hard Carnauba wax, we took a slightly different take on our Mad Wax -it’s a Montan based, banana scented, paste wax that offers very similar results to Beading Marvellous.

Montan waxes aren’t as well known and are often overlooked because of the price difference however our Mad Wax is an excellent alternative to carnauba waxes and will offer a competitive gloss finish and durable protection.

The advantage Mad Wax has over most carnauba waxes is that it’s user friendly -anyone from a complete novice to a professional detailer can use it because it can be applied in most environments, including direct sunlight, and the dwelling time isn’t as strict as tight and most waxes. This means that it would be very difficult to mark or damage paintwork with this product. The other aspect that makes it so easy to use is it’s multiple applications methods; this product is suitable for both hand application (for which we suggest our Wax Applicator) and application via Dual Action or Rotary Polishers.

Because it’s paste based, Mad Wax is incredibly easy to apply and distribute across the paint surface; additionally, it’s also very easy to apply a portion to an applicator with accuracy so there’s no fear of over use and it aids in making your money stretch further. Mad Wax is excellent value for money and very little of it goes and incredibly long way. With maintenance washes and the proper use of ph neutral formulated products, the durability can be extended far longer, and outperform many waxes with heftier price tags.

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