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Lotus 70th Anniversary Party

We had an amazing opportunity to get involved with the celebration of the Lotus 70th Anniversary.

During this weekend just gone we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Lotus 70th anniversary event; this was due to our involvement with the Lotus Driving Academy. Whilst there, we saw some familiar faces such as Martin Donnelly (racing driver), met fans of our products, assisted with competitions and our in-house detailer was able to take a lap around the track.

The trip started early on Friday morning when we made our way up to the Lotus Driving Academy, based in Hethel. Elliott, our in-house detailer, deep-cleaned and waxed each of the Lotus Driving Academy’s cars using some of our favourites from our range, including Mad Wax, Dragon’s Breath and Advanced Poseidon Car Wash. He prepared each of the cars to a high standard, ready to be shown off during the next days events. Even our Managing Director got his hands dirty and pitched in.

Saturday, armed with tickets that bought us exclusive access to the event, we were able to see the interior of the Lotus Factory as well as witness both on and offtrack events. We were privileged to assist the Lotus Driving Academy with their competition to win a hot lap around the track with one of their professional instructors.

Elliott was over the moon to receive the opportunity to sit in one of the Lotus Elise 220’s for the final lap before the cars were placed back on the academy stand. 

To finish off the amazing event our Managing Director, Greg, was able to take his bright yellow Lotus Evora around the track amongst 700 other Lotus’ as part of the final parade lap.

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