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Engine Bay Cleaning

Because it’s hidden out of sight the engine bay is often overlooked during the cleaning routine. Whilst it’s a simple task, we think it’s one of the most rewarding.

Before starting, it’s best to make sure that your engine is cool -this is due to the difficulties associated with working around a warm engine, like products drying too quickly. There’s also the risk that you could damage your brushes if they come into contact with pieces such as the turbo or exhaust manifold.

Step one is nice and simple; simply dust off each surface.

Next, we suggest generously applying our Classic All Purpose Cleaner and agitating the cleaner with a brush, making sure to get into every little crevice. This will clean and degrease the plastics and other visual components in the bay. We think our Large Sash Brush and Dash Brush are excellent tools for this job.

The next think you’ll need to do is wipe of any excess cleaner and remove the surface dirt it agitated. One of our plush, Ultra Soft Drying Towels are perfect for this job.

After you’ve dried the plastics, it’s a god idea to apply some form of protective coating -we used our Classic Protectant and applied it with our Wax Applicator. Spray this liberally over every surface before working it in.

Once the Classic Protectant looks like it’s starting to dry, buff every surface with a Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth to ensure an even, glossy finish that will leave your engine bay looking as good as new.

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