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Drag Racing, Coffee & Lots of Rain at Santa Pod Raceway

When you’re invited to a day of drag racing, it’s hard to say no. Partnered with EST Performance we recently attended a ‘Run What Ya Brung’ event at Santa Pod, including some of the following in our team:

  1. Mercedes C63 AMG – 630bhp
  2. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio – 598bhp
  3. BMW M2 – 550bhp
  4. Mercedes A45 AMG – 540bhp
  5. Ford Fiesta ST200 – 280bhp
  6. Volkswagen Caddy Van – 170bhp

Not being local to the drag meant there was a fair road trip ahead of us before arrival – this was made more entertaining with the convoy of the above vehicles, however. A food stop, coffee stop & fuel stop later, the crew had arrived but with mountain-like weather conditions. Although the strong winds had stopped us from putting out our gazebo, it wasn’t going to stop us from preparing cars, stickering them up & ultimately racing!

We knew many eyes would be watching today’s event, whether it be online, through the snaps of the photographers, or in person… so ensuring the motors were looking their best was fundamental. Quick Detailers are perfect for this sort of activity and task which is exactly why we have an extensive selection in our range. However, to start the day we didn’t need every product as the majority of our miles to Santa Pod Raceway were on the motorway, meaning bug splats and windscreen smears were our biggest target – an easy task for Glass Cleaner & Bug Remover . The rain helped wash away the rest which ironically presented another problem: water droplets on cars! Something that may come as a surprise to some is your car has to be dry to race. Thankfully, being who we are, there were plenty of drying towels and microfibre cloths on hand to get the fleet dry, but it did catch a number of people by surprise…

With the drag strip finally open, the rush to get some times began. You can watch how our team did against the clock here . Sadly the dry spells did not hold up so before we knew it we were back in the pits. Most of the day was comparable to queuing for your favourite ride at a theme park, only in the wind & rain. Elliott, our detailer, had his Caddy Van which turned out to be a great refuge to the weather.

Once the track reopened and we were underway, many vehicles were finding glue and tar stuck to their vehicles. Citrus Bling  proved to be an excellent accessory before it fully set to the panels. A few sprays and a simple wipe, then you’re set for another round in the spotlight. The Mercedes A45 in our fleet had a full body wrap, so the tool of choice for this was Matte Protect.

Having it been a hotter day, no doubt there would have been some bad odour in the cockpits and helmets of a lot of individuals. Enzyme Odour Eater thrives in these environments, and whilst it was minimal on our track day, we made sure to utilise it where necessary for a fresh journey home.

It doesn’t matter how much power your motor has, there is a place for our Quick Detailers in your arsenal. Watch the full experience here:

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