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Classic All Purpose Cleaner and Classic Protectant in action

Take a look at the amazing results our Classic All Purpose Cleaner and Classic Protectant got under the bonnet.

Yesterday our detailer made the most of the great weather and spent some attention on the company car. He used some of our products that aren’t always in the spotlight: Classic All Purpose Cleaner and Classic Protectant.

Classic All Purpose Cleaner is exactly what the name implies. It was designed for interior use on almost any surface and it works by emulsifying grime and making it easy to remove from plastic grain, carpet  fibres, smooth surfaces. 

Classic Protection will protect and add shine to tyres, plastic, engine bays and interior vinyl with minimal fuss and maximum effectiveness. It’s also great for breathing new life into faded plastic trim.

As you can see from the photo, the result was striking.

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