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Citrus Tar & Glue Remover Reformulated

Citrus Tar and Glue Remover has been updated and improved; it’s no longer flammable, it’s less harmful to the environment and it’s still incredibly effective and easy to use.

The problem with most tar and glue removers is that they can be aggressive, unpleasant to use, damaging to painted surfaces and the environment. Our Research & Development department have worked very hard to create a formulation that breaks those stereotypical products. Our original formulation for Citrus Tar & Glue Remover was already friendlier than most, however our in-house chemist has recently reformulated and improved it; Citrus Tar & Glue Remover is no longer classified as flammable and is less harmful to the environment. This is a direct result of the time and effort invested by our Research & Development department, this is now the friendliest tar and glue remover we’ve encountered.

Our Citrus Tar & Glue Remover works quickly and effectively by removing tar and glue substances (such as tar spots, glue deposits left from vinyls, tree sap…etc.) from painted surfaces. Our in-house chemist has created a truly unique and incredibly effective product whilst retaining the ease of use we strive for across our range.

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