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Caring for your cars leather

When was the last time you cleaned your leather seats? It’s an easy thing to overlook during your typical car maintenance… Leather, in particular, can capture grime with the embedded grains; but there’s an easy way to keep on top of it and here’s how!

So, it’s time to clean your leather seats. If you have a light interior, like a white or cream leather, you can usually tell visually how dirty it is; however, with darker interiors it may not be immediately obvious! One visual sign is a shiny finish, as clean leather by nature will be matte – this is a common misconception as people automatically think shiny = clean.

Before you begin to work on the seats, you want to ensure the surface is clear of any loose contaminants. These can be vacuumed up. If anything isn’t budging, don’t apply any additional pressure – this could damage it… besides, it will be lifted in the chemical stage. For more intricate areas, such as creases and between stitching, one of our detailing brushes will help shift what’s necessary for the suction of the vacuum cleaner.

Now it’s just you & the leather with nothing in between, you can grab a bottle of our Leather Soap and apply that to an applicator. Gently massage it into the leather evenly, ensuring the entire surface is covered. Then, grab a Leather Brush and agitate the soap. This will foam up and lift grime from within the grains of the leather. Finally, grab a clean microfibre cloth (white if you want the drama of seeing the dirt!) and wipe the seat down, leaving no residue behind. Your leather will now be clean and matte, like new.

Now, if like us you do a lot of miles, that clean leather will soon clog up! You may want to add some protection to prolong its cleanliness, repel liquids and reduce dye transfer. Leather Protector is an ideal product for this job. Simply spray it onto a new applicator and use the same techniques as the Leather Soap: spread evenly and thoroughly in a gentle manner. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe the surface with a clean microfibre cloth.

Sit back and appreciate the hard work you’ve done… Maybe grab a cold beverage, because even if you accidentally spill it, Leather Protector has your back.

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