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Purple Passion

This is a product that anyone can use to achieve amazing results with minimal effort.

Purple Passion is a product we’re incredibly proud of; we spent over a year developing the formula and we believe this demonstrates our dedication to creating effective, easy to use and durable products that are as user and environmentally friendly as possible and can be used by either the professional or the novice. Purple Passion is an excellent example of this.

This paint cleanser was designed for use after washing and decontaminating the paint surface (for which we recommend a combination of our pre washes and shampoos, followed by one of our three contamination removal bars). Purple Passion has a small amount of cut that works incredibly well at correcting any marring left from a clay bar. This product removes light oxidation and swirl marks, enhances paintwork and provides an excellent base for sealants and waxes -in fact, it goes a step further by improving the durability of waxes. This means that is helps you get the most for your money and effort.

We recommend that you use Purple Passion with either our Polish Applicator for use by hand, or via a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher on a low speed for best results. This is a product that anyone can use to achieve amazing results on both soft and hard paints with minimal effort.

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