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5L Dispenser (42mm Neck)

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Our 5L Trigger can pump 30ml of liquid per full pump which makes it great for reducing waste when you’re transferring products from 5L bottles to our trigger bottle.

Ceramic Shampoo

ValetPRO Ceramic shampoo has been expertly formulated to offer effective cleaning performance while leaving behind a durable Si02 protection layer.

Concentrated Car Wash

Concentrated Car Wash is a simple car shampoo of great quality. It is designed to target dirt and grime on the surface and encapsulate it with lubricating suds so that when you rinse it off the grime falls away easily.

Advanced Poseidon Car Wash

Advanced Poseidon Car Wash uses a special blend of anionic surfactants and polymers to remove dirt with ease whilst leaving a protective gloss enhancing  film behind when rinsed off.

Drop Top Cleaner 500ml

Drop Top Cleaner is a ready-to-use spray on and agitate convertible hood cleaner.

Luxury Caravan Wash 1L


If you’re looking for a high quality product that’s easy to use and provides impressive cleaning power then our Luxury Caravan Wash won’t disappoint.

Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Our Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt has been designed to be ultra absorbent and with soft synthetic fibres it will assist in thoroughly cleaning surfaces with ease.

Large Wooden Handle Sash Brush (Chemical Resistant)

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Our Large Wooden Handled, Chemical Resistant Sash Brush is ideal for exterior and interior detailing.

Small Wooden Handle Dash Brush (Chemical Resistant)

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Our Small Wooden Handled, Chemical Resistant Dash Brush is ideal for interior detailing and getting to those hard to reach crevices.

Dash Brush Small

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Soft boars hair bristles gently dust out air vents, around buttons and door handles and other hard to clean areas. Soft fine bristles help agitate grime out of tight gaps where cloths can’t reach.

Large Sash Brush

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This is a soft boars-hair bristle brush that is commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges. It also gets used around engine bays, too. The soft bristles ensure gentle agitation on delicate surfaces.

Ultra Soft Chemical Resistant Brush Small

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This brush hosts man-made, chemical resistant bristles and it a upgrade from our original Dash Brush. Ultra  fine bristles and improved length makes this brush a great product for dusting vents and crevices where cloths  find it difficult to clean.

Ultra Soft Chemical Resistant Brush Large

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These man-made bristles are chemical resistant and ultra fine and soft. These make a good upgrade from our original Large Sash Brush.

Chemical Resistant Brush (Black Handle)

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Just like our wooden handle version this has highly durable bristles. These are great for gently agitating wheels with strong chemicals.