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What is 24Plus? Our New Protection Coating

What is 24Plus? Our New Protection Coating
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Introducing 24Plus - a Ceramic Coating that has been developed for its ease of use without compromising durability.

24Plus Ceramic Coating  offers in excess of 2 years protection against the elements and unrivalled gloss enhancement when subject to safe wash routines. Designed for cars, bikes, motorhomes and more, 24Plus has the flexibility to coat practically any hard surface with ease. Specially formulated to offer slower flash times, 24Plus Ceramic Coating drastically reduces the potential for leaving high spots during application.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a thin sacrificial modified-glass layer that is applied directly to or on top of a clean prepared panel, or Paint Protection Film (PPF). Our coating utilises some clever chemistry where the active polymer (pre-ceramic) forms a “permanent” bond to the paint itself, giving long-lasting protection and hydrophobic properties. This clever chemistry happens in the curing stages of our coating; the active polymer slowly and gradually reacts with moisture in the air to provide the oxygen for the glass formation (silicon dioxide). Since the curing is slow, the coating forms a highly cross-linked 3D nano-structure which is inert and impermeable, offering amazing protection and hydrophobicity.

Application & Curing:

As a Ceramic Coating hardens and protects greater than more traditional sealants or waxes, it is vital you ensure the subject panels are free of contamination and are corrected prior to the application of 24Plus - this should mean at least a single stage polish. From initial application, the first 72 hours are the most crucial for the curing process of a ceramic coating, with around 90% of the cross-linking reactions happening in that time. This said, 24Plus is dry to the touch within 12 hours from application. After 7 days, the coated subject can be rinsed, but avoid using chemicals! It is from 14 days the coating is guaranteed to have fully hardened and you can safely wash with pH Neutral chemicals.

Who is it for?

24Plus is designed to be used by working professionals and enthusiasts with the understanding of Ceramic Coatings. 24Plus should be applied and allowed to cure within an enclosed environment with sufficient ventilation, out of direct sunlight.

With the promise of easy application, 2+ years protection and unrivalled gloss enhancement, 24Plus is everything you could want in a protection coating. Discover the future today!