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Matte Protect


Sizes Available

Matte Protect 500ml:  RRP: £12.99
Matte Protect 5L:  RRP: £49.99
  • Protect matte paint and matte vinyl wraps
  • Quick Detail
  • 4 weeks protection
  • Refreshes your matte finish without adding gloss

Matte Protect is a specialist matte wax emulsion specifically designed to protect and seal matte paint. This product provides a quick and effective protection that leaves matte paint refreshed, covering it with a micro wax  film layer to ensure it remains the way it was intended to be. Matte Protect is designed to be used neat.


1. Spray a panel at a time.

2. Wipe with a clean, dry Advanced Microfibre Cloth .

Gregs thoughts:

"Matte finishes are growing in popularity and demand is high for protective coatings. When our customers ask for products to solve their cleaning problems we work hard to get the products they need. We developed this product for one of our customers and they loved it so much we have now made it available to all. Enjoy the fresh water repelling finish." -Managing Director

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