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Advanced Neutral Snow Foam

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Advanced Neutral Snow Foam 1L
Advanced Neutral Snow Foam 5L
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Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a low foaming pre wash that is used to remove traffic film and other grimes prior to shampooing a car. This product is safe for use on ceramic coating and waxes.

  • pH Neutral formula
  • Cleans like an alkaline
  • Highly concentrated
  • Safe wheel cleaning
  • Removes bug splats and road grime
  • Ceramic coating safe formulation
  • Wax safe 

Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is one of our low foaming pre washes that is used to remove traffic film and other grimes prior to shampooing a car. When used with a pressure washer this product produces a thick foam that allows it to sit on the surface and encapsulate the grime, lifting it from the paint surface and carrying it with the foam when it’s rinsed off.

This product has a pH neutral formula which makes it safe for all surfaces by eliminating the chances of corrosion.

Not only does this product have a dilution rate of 1:20 which means value for your money, but it lifts the dirt from the surface prior to shampooing, reducing the risk of scratching the paintwork.


1. Dilute. Foam Lance 1:3 / Pump Spray 1:20.

2. Foam the entire vehicle.

3. Leave to dwell but not dry out.

4. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer.

Greg's thoughts:

"I want to thank you for your interest in Advanced Neutral Snow Foam; a product with all the power of an alkaline cleaner minus the harsh side effects.  Our highly concentrated formula gives a professional finish and allows you to clean everything from paint work and wheels to engine bays without fear of damage." - ValetPRO Founder