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Purple Passion


Sizes Available

Purple Passion 500ml:  RRP: £12.99
Purple Passion 5L:  RRP: £49.99
  • Removes light marring and oxidisation
  • Enhances gloss
  • Creates a base that helps waxes and sealants bond better and thus improves durability
  • Easy to use

We spent over a year developing and perfecting the formulation for Purple Passion. We have created an easy to use paint cleanser that effortlessly removes fine marring from the paint surface while leaving a highly glossy, silky finish. This is the perfect pre wax paint cleanser creating the perfect base for either Mad Wax or Beading Marvellous.

Directions -By Hand:

1. Apply two pea-sized blobs to a Polish Applicator .

2. Spread thinly across a panel and, using moderate pressure, work into the paint with back and forth motions.

3. Buff residue with a clean Advanced Microfibre Cloth .

4. Repeat is paintwork requires further attention.

Directions -Via Dual Action Polish:

1. Apply a cross shape of Purple Passion to a Polish Compound Machine Pad .

2. Working a panel at a time, wipe the Machine Pad over the panel.

3. Using a low speed, spread the product over the work area.

4. Using a higher speed, work product into paint in hatched back and forth motions.

5. Buff residue with a clean Advanced Microfibre Cloth .

6. Repeat if paintwork requires further attention.

Gregs thoughts:

"Thank you for your interest in Purple Passion.  Using this paint work preparation cream prior to waxing not only improves your paintwork finish it helps the wax last longer. We like to make it easy to keep your car looking great and hope you enjoy this product." -Managing Director

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