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Citrus Bling

Prepare Maintain 

Sizes Available

Citrus Bling 500ml:  RRP: £8.99
Citrus Bling 1L:  RRP: £13.99
Citrus Bling 5L:  RRP: £39.99
  • Clay lube
  • Quick detailer -4 weeks protection
  • Drying aid
  • Gloss enhancer
  • Suitable for painted and lacquered wheels

Citrus Bling is a quick detailer product that can be used as a clay lube. The mixture of Carnauba wax and silicone emulsion not only enhances gloss on wheels and paint but also offers protection simply by spraying and wiping. This product gets best results when used with our contamination removal bars because the silicone and wax in this product create a thin film between the paint surface and the bar, effectively minimising the chances of marring the paint surface. Citrus Bling is a very versatile product, used to maintain wheels and paint surfaces, to clean and shine chrome and mirrors.

Directions - Quick Detailer:

1. Spray a panel at a time.

2. Wipe with a clean, dry Advanced Microfibre Cloth .

Directions -Drying Aid:

1. Ensure surface is already wet.

2. Spray a panel at a time.

3. Wipe dry with a Drying Towel .

Directions -Clay Lube:

1. Dilute 1:6.

2. Follow instructions of Contamination Removal Bar  packaging.

Gregs thoughts:

"Citrus Bling is one of ValetPRO’s unique products, it is a concentrated quick detailer. It has been a product loved by many detailer and valeter as a product they could not operate without. Being dubbed as a must have product, I have to say this is one of my favourite products from our range." -Managing Director


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