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Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Merry Christmas and Thank You!
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This has been a great year for ValetPRO; we have been involved in some fantastic events and worked with some cracking people. I wanted to give you a run down of ValetPRO's year.

This was our first year sponsoring the Lotus Europe Cup FiA series, taking you around seven of the worlds best GP circuits. We will be continuing our support in 2018. The organiser also runs Europes largest track day events   and if you fancy a track day with them, you’ll find that their wristbands will sport the ValetPRO logo.  We have upgraded our sponsorship with Lotus Europe Cup so now our logo will also be on the number card of each race car. I would very much like to thank everyone at Lotus Europe Cup for all the support they have shown us this year and for all we have planned next year.

Martin Donnelly Racing Driver -  Martin raced in F1 and has been a great asset for ValetPRO, he’s kind enough to have introduced us to some phenomenal people. One of our favourite examples of this was Brian Johnson -admittedly, it was nothing to do with business, but meeting the ACDC singer was truly an memorable experience. Martin  had just been racing in the Master series when he made the intro. He’s currently racing in Lotus Europe Cup in the production car series. Martin has also done some promotional work for us at Silverstone and wears ValetPRO branded race gear when teaching. A big thank you to Martin we look forward to much more next year.

Lotus Driving Academy,  - Okay, so I might have a slight addiction to Lotus but it’s served us well and opened many doors over the year. ValetPRO are currently the only company partnered with Lotus, which started late in the year. Having previously been on a LDA course, when the opportunity came up to become a partner I just had to take it. Now, ValetPRO products are available to buy in the drivers lounge and LDA also present our kits to Lotus Licence customers. The Lotus track cars are looked after by ValetPRO products and provide an excellent example of the finish and how well our products maintain cars.

AutoSport,  - We have been working with AutoSport for a long time now; if you're into car racing and you buy their magazine I have no doubt you'll have seen ValetPRO adverts on the back cover each month. We are also partners in the performance section where we offer advice on maintaining cars in motorsport. We also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Autosport Awards and became their partner for the Awards-  AutoSport Awards is the biggest award ceremony in Motorsport; some of the most famous names in motorsport were there to receive. Our sponsorship ran alongside other companies such as McLaren and Pirelli. This was a great opportunity for ValetPRO and one we thoroughly enjoyed being part of. We have some incredible things planned with AutoSport and I would like to thank the AutoSport team for the support they have given us.

Radio - This year we tried something new when it came to advertising: we had a radio campaign running locally around East Sussex. We were interested to see how this would help promote business opportunities and we were pleased to discover that these audio adverts acted as a catalyst, prompting 2-3 new customers enquiring in local retail outlets per week.  This is a prime example of how we support our retailer and our dedication to help them grow there businesses selling our products. On that note, we’d like to thank all of our retailers for their support and a wonderful 2017.

Car Shows - Show and Shine - If anyone has attended these events where we have sponsored the Show and shine please let us know your thoughts. We supported Japfest, Ford Fest, Traxs, and several other events.  

John Langridge is an old friend of mine who races in the MX-5 series, a great fun, low cost race series. He is doing well in the middle of the pack but next year the aim is to improve car setup and keep in pole position. Club racing need more supporters  so if you like racing or want to get involved, please contact your local race circuit:  

Robert Ladbrook was introduced to me by a friend. Robert is racing in a Ford Puma, which I was given the opportunity to give a spin on Druids Bend at Brands Hatch -an what an opportunity! It’s fair to say I’m not the best driver, but I’m going to blame the car for being a front wheel drive. Thank you to everyone who made that possible.
If you follow our blog you’ve probably seen that we’re closely following George Karellas, the man behind SOUP. ValetPRO are proud sponsors of his channel and we’re eager to share his content. If you’ve been on our blog, then you may also have noticed that we’ve recently redesigned our website; a lot of hard work went into this and we hope you’ll like it.
Next year we have some big plans and we aim to bring some great content to you all about the work we are doing. We are making a big investment in to research and development which we'll will be telling you more about in the new year. 
From all the team at ValetPRO, we wish everyone a fantastic Christmas break, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!