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Bilberry Wheel Cleaner VS Dragons Breath

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner VS Dragon's Breath

Which ValetPRO wheel cleaner is right for you?

New Release Snow Seal

New Release: Snow Seal

ValetPRO Snow Seal is a specially formulated coating to be applied by via a pressure washer foam lance. Snow Seal awards your vehicle with a durable hydrophobic coating that leads to remarkable water beading.

New Release Foamula 1

New Release: Foamula 1

Foamula 1 is our clingiest snow foam yet.

New Release Clay Rider

New Release: Clay Rider

Our February release is Clay Rider, our new easy to use, specialist clay lube.

New Release Microfibre Reviver

New Release: Microfibre Reviver

Microfibre Reviver is a detergent cleaner that has been uniquely designed to suit the requirements of your microfibre cloths. It will consistently revive your microfibre cloths, towels and wash mitts to like-new condition time and time again.

Leather Care

Leather Care

Anyone with a leather interior knows how quickly it can get grotty and start looking worn - this is especially true amongst paler colour leathers. The use of ValetPRO Leather Soap will help you to prevent this from happening and will keep your leather looking at its best.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine Bay Cleaning

Because it’s hidden out of sight the engine bay is often overlooked during the cleaning routine. Whilst it’s a simple task, we think it’s one of the most rewarding.

Waxes vs Ceramic Coatings

Waxes vs Ceramic Coatings

A common question we hear in the detailing world is “what’s the difference between waxing and ceramic coating a car? ” An even more frequent question is “which one is better? ” Simply put, they’re both excellent methods of achieving very different results.

The importance of pre-washing

The importance of pre-washing

Pre-washing is an incredibly significant stage of detailing that can be easily overlooked if  people don’t understand the importance of it or how much it can effect the end result; pre-washing your vehicle relieves it of excess dirt and grime that would otherwise later be swirled across the paint-surface with a sponge or mitt and potentially scratch the paint work, which could in turn cause swirls or dullness.