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We finally made it!

We finally made it!
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As you may have heard, we’ve been planning to move to a new warehouse for quite a while now. It’s been an ongoing uphill battle with delays and a few hiccups but we’ve finally made it! Today is our last day in Hailsham and we’ll be re-opening on Monday 9th April in Newhaven.

We have been anticipating this move for a long time now, having outgrown our warehouses in Golden Cross, Hailsham. We found that we were short on space and, simply put, the demand for products was too high for the storage capacity we had. 
This is our third premises and, at 12,000 square feet, it will far outsize the previous ones. We’re delighted with the space we’ve now got because it presents us with the opportunity to develop even more of our products in-house.
Here's a first look at the new premises:
A very empty warehouse:
Our new lab: