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Citrus Pre Wash

Prepare Maintain 

Sizes Available

Citrus Pre Wash 1L:  RRP: £7.80
Citrus Pre Wash 5L:  RRP: £19.99
  • Removes bug splats
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Pleasant citrus smell
  • Cleans all surfaces
  • Does not remove wax layers

Citrus Pre Wash is a product to be used prior to shampooing your car; it removes excess dirt like bug splats and general road grime in order to prep the car for washing. The most common method is to apply it via pump spray to the bottom seals of the vehicle and under the wheels where it penetrates the grime and enables you to easily rinse it off. This product is designed to minimise the breakdown of waxes and sealants. The citrus oils enable great grime penetration, allowing it to be an exceptionally effective cleaner.


1. Dilute 1:8.

2. Spray all the lower panels of the vehicle.

3. Leave to dwell but not dry out.

4. Starting from the bottom, rinse off with a pressure washer.

Gregs thoughts:

"Citrus Pre Wash is a great and versatile product that cleans both the interior and exterior of your vehicle effectively. With a mildly alkaline pH value of 9.5, Citrus Pre Wash provides powerful yet safe cleaning power with impressive dilution ratios. A first rate product we are more than proud of." -Managing Director

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