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Classic Tyre Dressing


Sizes Available

Classic Tyre Dressing 500ml:  RRP: £8.99
Classic Tyre Dressing 5L:  RRP: £36.00
  • Easy application
  • Produces a subtle, gloss finish when applied to tyres
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Manufactured using organic solvents
  • Silicone based formula

Classic Tyre Dressing is a highly durable silicone based tyre dressing, with a solvent blend designed to leave a perfect  film of dressing on the tyre that delivers a quality shine. This product was designed to be used neat.


1. Decant approximately 50ml of product into a separate container.

2. Use a Sash Brush to apply the Tyre Dressing to clean tyres.

3. Smooth and even product with a foam applicator.

4. Pour any remaining Tyre Dressing back into the bottle.

Gregs thoughts:

"Classic Tyre Dressing leaves your tyres with a fresh, ‘like new’ finish, making it suitable for vehicles of any era. If you’re fed up with high gloss tyre dressing or want a tyre dressing that will not flick up ‘spots’ toward your paint work look no further. Classic Tyre Dressing gives you a subtle shine that stays on your tyres." -Managing Director

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