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Beading Marvellous

There are beading shots and then there are Beading Marvellous shots!

If you care about your vehicle then layers of wax protection are a must. Not only will waxing your vehicle improve the overall look of your paintwork, it will add protection, aid with easier maintenance cleans due to grime finding it harder to cling to waxed surfaces and it will provide you with the ability to create those sought after beading photographs and videos for your social media pages. After all, who doesn’t love a good wax beading shot?? But , there are beading shots and then there are Beading Marvellous shots!

Beading Marvellous is a great performing wax with fantastic durability. We created it using Carnauba and fortified polymer waxes, which help make it extremely easy to use. You will be surprised at how easily Beading Marvellous is applied and buffed off of your vehicle. Simply swirl a Wax Applicator in the Beading Marvellous and then feel it spread easily over painted surfaces. Avoidance of over application is a must as just a little of this wax goes a very long way.

Beading Marvellous doesn’t have that chemical scent associated with most waxes, instead, it has a distinct blueberry smell that’s rather pleasant. It produces an excellent finish that will continue to prevent grime build-up and look impressive for 3+ months. With the correct cleaning process and the use of pH neutral formulated products during maintenance washes then it’s durability will be dramatically increased.

We hope you enjoy using Beading Marvellous and enjoy the benefits gained from using it.

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