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Brush Kit

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Brush Kit
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This kit includes some of the most essential brushes within our range - arming you with the brushes needed to cover all detailing tasks.

Our Brush Kit includes:

  • Dash Brush: Soft boars hair bristles gently dust out air vents, around buttons and door handles and other hard to clean areas. Soft fine bristles help agitate grime out of tight gaps where cloths can’t reach.
  • Large Sash Brush: Soft boars hair bristle based brush. Commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges. It also gets used around engine bays too. The soft bristle ensures gentle agitation on delicate surfaces.
  • Large Ultra Soft Brush: These are man-made bristles, chemically resistant and ultra fine and soft.
  • Small Ultra Soft Brush: Also using man-made chemical resistant bristles, this brush was designed as an upgrade to our original Dash brush. Ultra  fine bristles and improved length makes this brush a great product for dusting vents and crevices where cloths  find it difficult to clean.