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Wheel Care Kit

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Wheel Care Kit
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Our Wheel Care Kit contains a combination of our professional products that are essential for keeping your wheels in a show-room condition.

This kit includes:

  • Dragons's Breath 500ml: Dragon’s Breath is a specialist pH neutral wheel cleaner that reacts with the iron contamination within brake dust to produce a brilliant red bleed from an otherwise colourless gel; showing you that it’s working. More importantly, this chemical reaction also turns iron into a water soluble solution which makes it easy to rinse away baked on brake dust.
  • Maximum Shine Tyre Gel: Maximum Shine Tyre Gel is an easy to use gel-based formula that provides tyres with a high gloss finish. The product has been rigorously tested to ensure extreme durability through heavy rain to sunshine.
  • Large Sash Brush: This is a soft boars hair bristle based brush, commonly used to agitate wheels and around decals and badges.
  • Wax Applicator: Quality soft foam with dense tight cells enabling this applicator to apply thin layers of wax or dressing product. It sits in your hand nicely and absorbs product, enabling you to spread it evenly.