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Safe Wash Sponge

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Safe Wash Sponge:  RRP: £5.99
  • Ultra absorbant
  • Shapes itself around the car surface
  • Easy to clean out

There are lots of foams on the market. So choosing the right quality of foam for washing our cars was very important to us at ValetPRO. We chose a sponge that was ultra absorbent but also very smooth and soft to touch. The weight of water a sponge holds is very important as this adds foam and delivers water to the car when needed. The softness allows the sponge to hold the cars shape well making sure it removes the grime as it glides across the paint surface. The smoothness will help the sponge to remove grime without impacting on the paints finish. What we also love about our car sponge is how easy it is to clean between wipes and washes. Just dunk in a bucket of water, squeeze and watch the grime fall out.

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